A lovely testimonial from a cranial client

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The following is written by a cranial client of mine, who describes her experience of biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

“I came to CST by chance when exchanging services with Heike. I’m a photographer, she needed photos and I was keen to try CST although I had never heard of it before meeting her. The main physical issue I came to her with was continuous lower back pain that I had has for 2 and 1/2 year since my son was born. It was preventing me from sleeping properly at night and made any position uncomfortable after a little while. I had tried many different approaches such as yoga, osteopath, massages, naturopathy but unfortunately the pain remained. The pain must have disappeared after the 4th session, at first I didn’t even realise that it had gone. I think it’s quite typical of CST, it works in subtle ways that are not obvious but can be quite transformative at a physical, mental and emotional level. It certainly has been for me.

With CST I find that you may come to a session with a specific issue – physical or emotional- that you want to work on, but keeping an open mind on outcomes helps as most of the time the session follows its own course and might take you to unexpected places. During a session, I remember suddenly having memories of the early phase of labour/induction when my son was born. I remembered having my water broken by the nurses, something I didn’t want to happen but felt coerced to accept. There was a lot of anger associated with these thoughts. And I suddenly burst into tears (or rather sobbed uncontrollably). This was very unexpected to me because I hadn’t thought of this specific moment since it had occurred and the sobbing was very intense, not my usual cry, more like a release. This was a very powerful session, very cathartic and I know this specific session and others that preceded and followed helped me release anger and anxiety associated with my son’s birth. Before CST when I thought about the possibility of having another baby (which was a thing I always wanted) , I was crippled by panic and anxiety. Now, I am able to consider this option in a much more relaxed way.

Some CST sessions have much more subtle outcomes, I sometimes come out of a session with a sense of lightness and flow where everything feels easy. Sometimes a feeling of great joy that last for days (a bit like being high without a come down). Other times I just feel simply deeply relaxed. I very much enjoy exploring my body and its energy and how it links to my emotions through CST and would definitely recommend it. If you are curious, open minded and want to get to know yourself more it’s a beautiful avenue to do so.” Melodie