Craniosacral Therapy

Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.” Margaret Atwood

Be still like a mountain, and flow like a great river.” Lao Tzu

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle yet powerful hands-on therapy. It was developed by osteopaths over 100 years ago.

The client lies fully clothed on the treatment table and the therapist applies a very light and gentle touch to various parts of the body listening for subtle rhythmic motions in the body. These rhythmic motions are called ‘Primary Respiration’ and express the health in our body. When these rhythmic motions get compromised by various things like stress, injuries, accidents, toxicity and emotional problems, it can lead to a wide range of health problems. The therapist encourages a restoration of the rhythmic motions resulting in a return to health and thus supports the body’s ability to heal itself. Layers of stress or trauma may be resolved in a very gentle way.

Craniosacral therapy is a very beautiful and deep way to be listened to in a safe, non-judgmental environment without having to say a word. In this therapy the body does the ‘talking’. It is a lovely way to find and connect to the stillness that is all around us, but to which we often lose connection to in our stressful lives.

Who is it for?

CST is probably best known for treating babies because it is so gentle and non-invasive, but it can be beneficial at any age.

Conditions that can respond well include problems associated with trauma, shock and stress, headaches, back and neck pain, sciatica, bone/joint disorders, facial pain, frozen shoulder, jaw problems, migraine, menstrual disorders, muscular pain, nervous complaints, neuralgia, sinusitis, tinnitus,

tiredness, visual disturbances, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive problems, dizziness, dyslexia, hearing

problems, hormonal disorders, hyperactivity,

impotence, infertility, insomnia, asthma, emotional issues, weakness, or it can be used to provide a general support for the everyday challenges of life.

What is a typical session like?

A typical session lasts 60 minutes. In the first session, the client will spend less time on the treatment table, as the therapist will take a case history in order to find out more information about the client.

The client lies fully clothed, either on his/her back or side, on a massage table or sits on a chair. The therapist then applies a light touch on various areas (i.e. feet, shoulders, head, sacrum and spine) of the client’s body.

The therapist listens to the body’s inherent treatment priority and lets the body decide what will be worked on and in which order. The therapist might therefore not necessarily go to the places where the symptoms occur.

CST is a holistic approach and changes may happen in body, mind and spirit. The client can become more aware of symptoms during and after the session.

After a session, people mostly feel relaxed, calm and energised, but it’s recommended to allow the body a longer period of rest as the healing process can occur beyond the actual session and it’s often a good idea to drink some water.

Some people may only need one or two sessions, others find a regular treatment over a longer period of time more beneficial. For full benefits a series of treatments are usually recommended.

CST is a complementary therapy and clients should always check their symptoms with their GP.


While dealing with grief after the loss of my partner, regular craniosacral therapy sessions with Heike have helped me more so far than the sessions with my psychotherapist as I can notice more immediate comforting and calming effect. After every session with Heike the world seems to be a better and friendlier place than it is before. I feel at peace, grounded and present.” Gosia P.

I had a chronic back ache for 4 years on and off. I tried physiotherapy exercises, but they did not help me at all. When I went to see Heike for a cranial session, my back ache was so bad that I couldn’t work. After the session I felt so much better, but followed her advice to go home and rest and drink lots of water. The next day there was a little pain left, but have been pain free since then.” Barbara

Highly recommend Heike – she is gentle, has great warmth and a very calming presence. I felt much more grounded and clear headed after my session.” B. Thorpe

I had two crushed vertebrae as a result of cancer, they caused terrible sciatic pain. After a few sessions with Heike there was a notable improvement in the situation, which made life bearable. Although the pain did not completely go it reduced enough to get me off of the horrible pain medicine I was on. The other effect of the cranial sessions was to give me a feeling of complete relaxation, worth it just for that.” Martin Adams, local artist

My sessions with Heike are the best time of the week as I can rest and let go of everything that has happened during the week. The cranial sessions are wonderful and I have noticed an improvement in my sleep. I like the warm, gentle, comforting holding that give me a sensation as if the sun was shining inside me and find it the most relaxing experience. This is the most engaging therapy ever and it feels very connecting and beyond gentle. It feels like a secure and safe holding and I love it.” Elizabeth Colwell

“I had never heard of Biodynamic Craniosacral Theraphy, and I went to my first session thinking I was going to receive a massage. Little did I know that it was going to be for me the beginning of a fascinating journey of discovery. I didn’t have any specific pain, so I can’t really comment on its healing benefits, but it left me speechless as per the energy flow it moved inside me, the sensations that I had, every time different and new, and that made me perceive my body as something really alive and full of trapped energy.

Until then, I had always looked at my body as something in decay: you get wrinkles, you put on weight, your hairs turn grey… From the very first time Heike put her hands on my ankles I felt a rush of energy, I felt my blood flowing…It was a bit of a shock, to be honest. Since then, every session has been different, and I kept going spurred by my curiosity. Every time I came home with new considerations and thoughts. Heike has always been supportive and helped me try to understand what those emotions and visions that were coming up could mean for me, and she has somehow helped me take some very important decisions. In a way, Heike has taught me to trust my body and listen to it. My body knows everything, way before I do.” Roberta M., interpreter

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